Monday, 24 February 2014

Proposed Location


For our opening sequence we have chosen our location as Hayes, this is because they have a station there and the high street is near to Dom's house where we will be filming skylers monologue.

Here is a picture of the station we used to film Dwayne meeting officer Tenpenny for the first time and they begin to discuss the whereabouts of Skyler.

Here is the hughstreet as a whole, this is where the two officers drive off to start driving to the city which is where Skyler has been located:

Location Recee


To the Left: An image of a recce checklist which directors take with them when visiting the location that they may chose to film in, they may use one of these because it helps them to see whether or not the location has the key things that they are looking for. 


When casting film producers usually advertise the roles and positions that are available, actors then audition for roles and informed at a later date whether they have made a role. They do this by posting a cast sheet, an example of a professional one is displayed below.


This is our casting sheet for the people who will be acting in my opening sequence:

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

End of Research


My group have now finished researching for our opening sequence and are ready to begin planning for what we want our plot to be. Researching has been extremely helpful because it has provided inspiration for story lines and the style in which we want our sequence to look. By researching into genres and conventions it has given us an in depth detail of what each one contains and has allowed us to chose one which we think can portray well and either stick to or break the conventions of how they are usually made.
By looking at opening sequences like 'The wolf of wall street' it has given us a strong starting point to which we can develop thoroughly and put our twist on the style in which we have found we liked.


Sunday, 16 February 2014

Final idea

We have revisited my mood board and from this deviated our final idea storyboard, this is what we believe our plot will look like when our opening sequence is made.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Mood Board

Idea mood board

This is a mood board that i have started to create, over the time of our production i will add to this mood board including our location ideas for each section, and then add a post on mise en scene, actors i plan on including into our opening sequence, and costume. So it is a clear visual aid of what i plan to include. By adding to this it helps me portray my ideas and help to link them all together.

Initial Idea

Initial Ideas Story Board

We Spent our lesson discussing idea's for our opening sequence. We like the idea of doing a psychological thriller as it gives us the opportunity to use a variety of camera shots effectively. This is a basic flow chart of the storyline for our first idea: