Friday, 25 April 2014

Evalutation Question 1

Company Logo Designs

Here are a few hand drawn logo designs that i have produced which i could use for our opening sequence.

Original Script before edit

This is the script we wrote before filming, it is the original one which we filmed from, however when it comes to editing our film some bits may have to be cut out as it may be too long. By using a lot of dialogue and content it gives us a bigger variety of choice of what bits we cut out if and when we need too.

Skylers monologue takes us most of the dialogue which we intend to use as a form of narration and have it playing the whole way through the other sections of acting.


Here is our original storyboard from our final idea, we have made it basic so that we will be able to add or change bits about it whilst filming when we will be able to see what would look the most effective.

Storyboard (below)


Car Used -> Audi A1 (MK13)

Point -> The reason as to why we decided to use this car is that it is a modern, easily distinguishable car and due to it being an Audi, it will appeal to most audiences today. By having a highly rated car included within our film sequence, it will draw more peoples attention to watching our piece and in result of this, the success of our project will be greater.

Other Props Used - > Watches

Point ->  The reason as to why we decided that our characters would all wear we chose to wear popular branded watches was again to do with the aesthetically pleasing factor of our piece. By wearing popular, high quality watches, it is again going to compliment the overall aesthetics and higher the calibre of the film sequence itself, again resulting in higher viewing demand.

Below are some examples of high quality branding being used in big films...

Bad Boys 2 - Ferrari being used.

Above, some renowned actors wearing designer watches.

A shot taken from the film 'Takers', with the two high quality cars in the rear section of the shot and also the use of a super bike. 

How inspiration was took.. 
Inspiration was taken from examples such as the above, as the films that are usually successful in the media industry will consist of the highest quality props, in order that the audience recognise the film as a 'prestige' standard. This is the idea that us, as a group, was going for when deciding to include the Audi A1 and the use of a more presentable look with the suits and watches

Tuesday, 22 April 2014


Our Editing has hit a brick wall..
We are having trouble with our timings of the sound corresponding with the video its-self, Along the timeline it say +1 and -3 etc. on each clip.

We have had to speak a technician but our film can't progress until it has been fixed.

Friday, 4 April 2014

Planning Video


Here is a video of my group discussing our ideas and coming up with ways we could put them together effectively prior to filming.