Monday, 31 March 2014

Shooting Schedule

I have scanned on our shooting schedule that we used when producing our film. We think that by having one it will make our process more effecient and give us a clear idea of what we should be doing at each timing so that we can get our film done as quickly as possible.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Shooting Script

What is the Shooting Script? 

The shooting script itself is a more elaborate and precise version of the screenplay. It isn't actually composed by the screenwriter, as common sense would predict. The shooting script is written by the Director, alongside his Cinematographer, whilst they discuss and plan their ideas for shots and desires for the movie.


The screenplay shouldn't consist of many directions, as it is an advertisement product.
However, the shooting script is more directional, as it is composed by the Director.

Components of a Shooting Script.
- Broken into Shots.
- Precise Terminology (Cinematography)
...e.g. (Close Up, Dolly-In) 
- Divided into Dates

Above is an example shooting script.

Another purpose of a Shooting Script is to benefit the whole crew and production teams organisation, giving them a precise idea of what is going to happen and when.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014


This is a logo in which we have designed for our production company, the letters DCL stand simply for our names Dom, Curtis & Lydia. We have chosen this  as our final logo as we felt that this design was the most professional idea, and would best suit its chosen purpose respectively. The clever overlap of the letters is a unique feature and will be easily recognisable for the audience. This logo could also be shown at the beginning of our film opening to aware the audience who the production company were that created the film, thus boosting its public awareness. If the film was successful then it would bring positive response upon the company and would increase its reputation.

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Make up

For our opening sequence we intended on using make up for our characters to enhance their look for camera. Because none of us had much knowledge on how to effectively put make up on men, we started to plan what we would use by watching some videos on youtube of how other people had done it.
We found this video which we found very informative:

This helped us when coming to do make up for Skylers shots as it meant we could use lighting directly on him without the risk of shine from his face, however our one problem with our make up was that the actor playing 'Mr. Dwayne' was black, this made it hard for us when using make up. In professional works, research told us that some make up artists use make up on black people to lighten the skin for filming, however some use it to define facial features.


Today we came up with the name for our opening sequence, We have chosen to name it 'behind time' because whenever the officers go to find skyler they are always too late and he gets away with the crime he commits. As the title is only two words it is short and memorable and we think it will work effectively would work effectively for when we pitch our film.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Final Cast

Final Cast


Actor: Harley Francis

Age: 18-20

What he does?  The main character of our opening sequence who kidnaps michelles son and provides the ultimatum to the two detectives who have been searching to catch him two times before.
Officer Tenpenny

Actor: Dom Grimshaw

Age: 30

What he does? Works alongside Mr.Dwayne to try and catch Skyler from committing any more crimes.

Mr Dwayne

Actor: Curtis Grant

Age: 30

What he does?  An american officer who travels to London once hearing that Skyler the criminal he had searched years to find has been located. Works alongside  Officer Tenpenny to put an end to the mysterious character Skyler.

Friday, 21 March 2014


 the only two props we used in our piece was a cigarette and a car, everything else that we used was in already owned by the actors in my opening sequence.

We used only a few pieces of filming equipment:
We used a Camera, a Tripod, and a mac with final cut express on it for editing our film.


This is the script of the diologue in our opening sequence:

The monologue by Skyler is played throughout the whole opening sequence, when Officer Tenpenny and Dwayne are shown on cameras, skylers voice is used as a narrative technique throughout.

 Skyler: Hello.. Mr Dwayne, Officer Tenpenny, I hope you had a lovely flight, you're probably wondering why i brought to the beautiful city of London right?.. well it just grew on me, you know when it grows? like an additcion,like a drug, like cocaine.
Then it got me thinking, how can i.. SKYLER... draw in a man like you.. OH.. her son. Ladies and gentleman, please give a warm welcome for the young, Spencer Porter. If you want your michelle to see her sweet sweet spencer again you'll do what i say..
You already know how my dice rolls dwayne? (            ) or i'll put a bullet to his fucking head.
Theres one more thing Dwayne.. Its really been playing on my mind, What more powerful,dangerous, the gun or the thought, the gun takes the opportunity, but the thought pulls the triller.
Now, If you're thinking about tracking this video, you're mistaken dwayne because this was filmed 72 hours ago.. so once again Dwayne, YOU'RE BEHIND TIME.

 (SplitScreen)Dwayne: Officer Tenpennys here to get me now, i'll report back in an hour.
 Officer Tenpennys: Get in, hurry up, quick get in.
 Officers Tenpenny: Ok man cut to the chase, have you got any updates on this punk skyler huh?      Dwayne: It michelle.. Michelle?
 Officer Tenpenny: What does this punk want?

Word Pitch

       Word Pitch 

With no alibi but for fun, can this troubled man run away from his crimes once more, this time through the streets of London. 


Budget of our Opening sequence

Our opening sequence had no budget as we did not need to spend any money as we did not travel anywhere far, we did not use any other props other than what we already owned, and all our costumes were clothed our actors already owned.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014


A treatment is a short,broad description of a movie or script idea that covers key details pertaining to the story and the potential production. Touching on the genre, target audience and a description of the main characters within the product.


Wednesday, 12 March 2014


Tuesday 11th March
First day of filming..

We have organised to start filming our opening sequence today after school;

It will be planned fully at dom's house with all cast present: Lydia, Dom, Curtis and Harley.

We will film at Hayes Station, around Hayes highstreet and Dom Grimshaws house.

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Crew and Cast Selection

Harley Francis.

FBI officers: 
Lydia Hayward and Curtis Grant and Dom Grimshaw.

Extra Cast/Crew:
Callum Grimshaw
Tom Ayton

Camera Man:
Lydia Hayward, Curtis Grant, Dom Grimshaw
This will be alternated between everyone in our group when they are not staring in the opening sequence.

Lydia Hayward, Curtis Grant, Dom Grimshaw
The editing will be done together as a group so that we can all add our input into what we want the final product to look like.