Friday, 21 March 2014


This is the script of the diologue in our opening sequence:

The monologue by Skyler is played throughout the whole opening sequence, when Officer Tenpenny and Dwayne are shown on cameras, skylers voice is used as a narrative technique throughout.

 Skyler: Hello.. Mr Dwayne, Officer Tenpenny, I hope you had a lovely flight, you're probably wondering why i brought to the beautiful city of London right?.. well it just grew on me, you know when it grows? like an additcion,like a drug, like cocaine.
Then it got me thinking, how can i.. SKYLER... draw in a man like you.. OH.. her son. Ladies and gentleman, please give a warm welcome for the young, Spencer Porter. If you want your michelle to see her sweet sweet spencer again you'll do what i say..
You already know how my dice rolls dwayne? (            ) or i'll put a bullet to his fucking head.
Theres one more thing Dwayne.. Its really been playing on my mind, What more powerful,dangerous, the gun or the thought, the gun takes the opportunity, but the thought pulls the triller.
Now, If you're thinking about tracking this video, you're mistaken dwayne because this was filmed 72 hours ago.. so once again Dwayne, YOU'RE BEHIND TIME.

 (SplitScreen)Dwayne: Officer Tenpennys here to get me now, i'll report back in an hour.
 Officer Tenpennys: Get in, hurry up, quick get in.
 Officers Tenpenny: Ok man cut to the chase, have you got any updates on this punk skyler huh?      Dwayne: It michelle.. Michelle?
 Officer Tenpenny: What does this punk want?

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