Monday, 16 December 2013

Opening sequence changes

How opening sequences has changed over the years for Batman.

In this opening sequence it shows all the actors and producers/directors who helped in creating the film, they are shown in chronological order of importance with a dark neutral background. Their is music playing which is dark and eerie which creates an auroa for the film immediately. Because it just says there names it doesn't reveal much in terms of plot and setting for the film.

In this opening sequence unlike in the one from the 1980's, they see to have focused more on setting the scene by more location shots rather than stating the actor and producers name. However there is still the technique of playing deep, dark music so that it creates an eerie mood for the film. The overall quality of the film has improved and each image looks a lot less pixel.

In this opening sequence from 2012, the two previous batman ideas have been taken into account and have been combined to make this the most advanced one. The names of all cast and crew have been mentioned however in the background of these we see what seems to be in a lab which instantly makes us consider that the film could have reference to crimes. The overall quality here also seems to be much more high definition than the other too.

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