Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Casino Royal Opening sequence


Casino Royale was the 2006 James Bond film, with Daniel Craig as the lead actor. The film is twenty-first in the Eon Productions.

James Bond already carries a huge following so although the storyline is not continuing into a sequel film, it still relies heavily on the audience who have already seen previous James Bond films. Another point which would increase the audience numbers is that it is Daniel Craig's first film as 007. This may entice people to see the film as they would be intrigued to see how Craig would compare and see if he would top previous Bonds. Pre sold audience.

url.jpgThe title sequence is animated which breaks convention, throughout the sequence many silouhettes of cards are shown, this symbolises to the audience that the film is probably gambling and card games, as well as this animations of guns are shown along with a silouhetted fight between two men, this highlights again that the genre of the film is action alongside with thriller.

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