Friday, 25 October 2013

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Opening Sequence


The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the 6th and final in the sequel, the first thing that is shown is the production company 'Summit Entertainment'. This is in red writing which slowly fades into white writing this is foreshadowing what will happen into the film, because people who have seen previous films or have read the book know that Bella will turn into a vampire, so the red fading into the white symbolises this, Relating to this, images of veins are shown with blood being removed from them which also helps in foreshadowing the plot of the story.

Also throughout the title sequence it the camera pans over different scenary this is in order to set the scene and its location in the film. The scenary is shown in dim colours this is in order to set the mood of the film and starts to give an insight of what to expect.

Because the film is a part of a saga it shows a black wolf which relates back to the previous films, in order to highlight that what has been seen before is expected to be shown again in this film. The end of the opening sequence finishes with showing who was the producer and involved in the film which shows that they are not seen as the most key important people but they deserve recognisition.

The final shot of the sequence is the character bella opening her eyes revealing that her eyes are red and has been turned into a vampire this gives away the man story line which would make audiences want to go and see the film because it is the key thing that has been waiting to happen from the start of the saga.

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