Sunday, 5 January 2014

Thriller Conventions

By researching into some different films under the thriller genre it began to make some conventions within the genre clear, when looking at the cover image for the film the colour scheme and images used for the film are all very similar. When looking at those above we can clearly see that the colour schemes all relate around black white blue orange and red. This could be because blue is thought as a colour which represents sadness,and red and orange represents danger, Therefore from first glance of the cover the audience would immediately have hints that the film is the thriller genre and what time of emotions may be shown in the film. Another thing that is clear is that the front cover seems to usually have a close up on the face of who we assume will be the main character in the film, Some also show a hint of what the film could be about for eg. in the hunger games cover we see Jennifer Lawrence who we therefore assume to be the main character, and then in her hand she is holding a bow and arrow which suggests fighting is involved.

This has helped me with ideas for my opening sequence because i think that when the titles are shown they should be put in the colours used above as they are clearly conventional with thrillers, it also has given me ideas for camera shots as they use many close ups, which i could do when it comes to making my title sequence.

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