Tuesday, 28 January 2014

What i Learnt

What I learnt

Within this clip of my preliminary task  demonstrated within the task my own understanding of camera rules; rule of thirds, match on action editing, reverse reverse shot and the film followed the 180 degree rule. 

Rule of Thirds: compostion rule of thumb in photography 

Match on action editing: Coming closer to a certain object say a door. So you watch the hand go towards the door and then closely it matches the hand on the door so you watch the person go through.

Reverse reverse shot: I learnt how to do have a conversation between two people without making the conversation look fake and unrealistic. So therefore a reverse reverse shot shows one character and the answer from the other character.

180 degree rule: Finally I learnt that it is important to show the whole 180 degrees of the room or location you are filming within because otherwise the film would be confusing for viewers and unbelieveable. 

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