Sunday, 5 January 2014

Music in films from previous post.

Further more from my last post i have decided to look into them films more and see what type of sound and music is used in the opening sequence for them in order to see whether there are any conventions which i could chose to follow or even break to differ my thriller from the rest.

Shutter island.
First there is the paramount company logo, which instead of the normal background music it has, it's been adapted so that it fits into the style of the film, played in the background is an eerie and tense piece of music. This continues with long deep notes whilst the directors are shown. When the name of the film comes up, the  volume noticeably increase. However similarly to Awake the actors in the film are not shown in the opening sequence. 

Once again there is slow, tense and piercing music in the background as the opening sequence begins. However in awake, there is written narration to set the scene which is showed whilst the music is playing. Just like in the opening sequence to Seven lightening appears when the company logo shows, this could be away of creating fear within the audience as it could make them jump.

The only difference in this opening sequence to the other two that i looked that, is the director has chose to show the actors names playing the main characters at the start of the film. Other than this, the opening sticks to convention by playing deep music in order to create an eerie and creepy feel for the audience before the film even begins.

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